Frequently asked questions

How is my Dreamdoll delivered?

The dreamdoll is delivered by conveyer GEFCO in a paperboard reinforced triple thickness strapped on a pallet. It is in position folded up (legs in lotus and arm in the back to avoid the shocks and displacements during transport) in a neat packing.
The conveyer makes approximately 48/72H for the delibery and will call you before to arrange an appointment.

Is the parcel assured?

The parcel is ensured for its value but for signing the delivery order it is necessary as well as possible to check packing to check that it does not comprise any mark of blow or opening. If you sign without checking and that it ya a problem, the insurance will not be able to deal with the litigation and to compensate it.

Where is it manufactured?

The realistic Doll Dreamdoll-creation out of silicone were create in France and are manufactured in Alsace in the workshops Dreamdoll-creation beside Strasbourg.

In the event of damage on the doll, can I repair?

Yes of course, two solutions is offered to you:

Is it easy to handle?

The headstock weighs between 42 and 45 kg and thus remains heavy to transport. Thanks to its articulated skeleton, it remains easy to handle and set up some is the desired position. It is necessary to take the practice to move and position its headstock and especially, never not to force on the articulations and the structure.

How can I store it when I dont use it?

Storage can be done without any particular problem, not need to suspend it. You can arrange it in his paperboard of origin, to put it in any place of the house. You can fold up it on it even during several weeks because silicone does not take forms, it can for example remain sitted on a chair, the buttocks will not become punts.

How to maintain its doll?

No specific maintenance is obligatory. You can wash it under the shower, in your bath-tub or in your garden with the fountain. You can use shower gel, soap or product crockery and a pear of rectal injection for the intimate parts.

How is the doll cleaned after an sex act?

With soapy water and a pear of rectal injection. Position the sitted doll and place a basin below. Inject soapy water using a pear of rectal injection to clean the interior of the openings and dry with a soft rag once water and the residues will have been evacuated.

Can one use the mouth and the anus?

Yes the three openings are usable and it were carried out with a maximum of realism as well from a point of view visual, as with touched or the penetration.

Does Y have to you it a risk to tear off a member?

No, because the doll is run in only one block in the mould. It cannot thus lose members or his head within the framework of a normal use.

Can one have a doll without the openings usable for exhibition or decoration?

Yes, we regularly produce doll or mannequins without genitals for the nightclubs, the clothes shops, the studios of photograph or the particular customer which wants to expose its doll like a work of Article.