Height172 cm
Weight46 kg +/- 5%
Chest90B or 90C or 90D or 90E/F
Taillenumfang63 cm
Turn of belt92 cm
Size clothing36/38
Size of feet39
 Basic technical data: Possible evolutions
The skeletonAluminum of the aeronautical type
ArticulationsReinforced with thrusts
The movements Reproduction of the human type (does not hold upright)
FixingBraces specific in the head, under wig (compatible Handling-Frauds)
cutaneous Silicone used used Silicone platinium tinted in the mass (4 colors with the choice)
The fingersthe Articulés fingers reinforced with protections “anti-perforation”
The nails Silicone platinium + dyed permanent
The chestFlexibility accentuated with tinted nipples (4 sizes with the choice)
ButtocksGreat flexibility
The Anus Realistic tight and smooth
The vaginaFlexibility accentuated with texture for realistic feelings