The internal skeleton of the Dreamdoll headstocks is to date one of the most modern and resistant. Issued of an experiment of several years in the design and the manufacture of mannequins and silicone dolls, it proposes today one of the most attractives weight/solidity ratios of the market.

The spinal column and the basin of the structure are made out of CMn steel and are welded with argon (proceeded MIG) to ensure best the load-carrying capacity and to limit to the maximum the risks of rupture.

The late additions like the arms and the legs are manufactured on center hole to digital control for a precision with the 1/100ème. They are composed of full aluminum parts and the articulations are manufactured, always on CN, in a composite material.

The members are fixed at the structure by the means of screw and braked nuts thus avoiding the desserage in time.

The fixing of the head was reinforced so that you can suspend and handle your headstock thanks to a system of palan standard “Handling Doll”.

The feet and the hands of the Dreamdoll headstocks profit from a manufactoring process single and patented by our company avoiding the tears and the takeoff of silicone on the level of the fingers and thus ensuring a perfect and solid behavior silicone on the metal structure.