Heating system

DreamDoll Creation presents the new and unique Dreamdoll Option “heating system” (in the version 3) to your desire model (can be select simple as an option on our order page).

Plug your DreamDoll Creation’s Model heating system simply and easily via a 12 volt transformer (50 watts) on your power grid.

The DreamDoll heating system requires approximately 15 to 20 minutes to reach the operating temperature automatically.

ATTENTION please (Danger):

Remove your DreamDoll (Model) Heating System from the Power Grid, before you start to bath your model!

In preparation we have also some other DreamDoll model heating systems, we will publish them shortly.

On the order page to our DreamDoll models (CUSTOM & ORIGINAL / CUSTOM TORSO & TORSO ORIGINAL Models) You can find the Option “Heating Sstem” in the below of the this page. You can integrate this New Option simple in an Order process!

DreamDoll heating system option versions overview:

Version 3: Vagina, anus, mouth.