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The French mark of realistic silicone dolls Dreamdoll Création presents a range of realistic dolls of a quality and an exceptional beauty.

The manufacturing process, the structure, the design and the realization of the realistic dolls Dreamdoll Création are completely new and the entirety allows a modularity never suggested before with a multiplicity of possible combinations making it to each customer possible to have a realistic doll “unique” and “to measure”.

The realistic love dolls Dreamdoll Création are developed and manufactured in France with the unit and only on order.

Planned for a sexual use (coils frauds), all our realistic love dolls out of silicone are also used as realistic mannequins for photo studios for the catalogues of lingerie, with the stores of lingerie and hosiery but can be bought without sex nor opening like decoration or work of art for collectors, in love with the women ones or with event-driven in bars or night clubs.

With a realism and a quality of manufacture and completion ever reached to date in the field of the realistic silicone dolls, Dreamdoll Creation, High Quality Silicone Coil Frauds, propose as of now a range of any beauty and of a seizing realism.